Hygiene-sensitive surfaces

For each application, we develop tailor-made solutions with our customers and ensure the delivery of high-quality goods. Our lab is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for sample production and testing. Contact us!


All surfaces in highly frequented areas where harmless and pathogenic germs can grow: hospitals, schools, airports, foster homes, cooling towers, doctors‘ clinics, toilets, fuel tanks, etc.


Healthcare industry, medical technology, construction industry, packaging industry, appliances, public transportation, textiles

GesundheitswesenÖffentlicher VerkehrHealth care | Medical engineeringPublic transport

Öffentliche Wartezonen Automaten | TicketschalterPublic waiting areasVending machines|Counter

Industrie | Produktion | VerpackungTextilien Industry | Production | PackagingTextiles

Haushalt | HaushaltsgeräteSchwimmbäder | Sanitäranlagen Household | ApplianceSpas| Sanitary facilities