Surfaces are populated by germs. Multi-resistance germs are particularly dangerous. Conventional approaches to fight them are characterized by high efforts and limited success (frequent cleaning with cost-intensive chemicals).

Based on the model of the natural acid protection mantle of the skin, AMiSTec has developed a new technology which kills germs on surfaces and avoids their growth on them. 

By incorporating special transition metal oxides (Lewis acids) into the material, its pH is lowered at the surface, which will kill the germs. The acid technology allows killing the germs fast and efficiently upon contact with the surface. AMiSTec´s acid technology has been patented worldwide (WO 2008/058707, DE 20 2006 018 695 and others).

Products based on the AMiSTec technology are and will stay inherently germ-free: without cleaning and without property loss!

Here one can see how germs in high concentrations are being killed within only a few hours:

Abtötung von Keimen

Effectivity and benefits of the AMiSTec-Technology

The efficacy of the technology was proven in independent studies and surpasses competing products, e. g. disinfectants, nano-silver, TiO2/UV-light).

The acid-technology provides its customers with the following benefits:

  • Proven action and fitness for medical applications
  • Compared to silver and chemicals (biocides): cost savings
  • Also working against biofilms (in contrast to antibiotics and disinfectants)
  • High electrolyte (salt) concentrations are tolerated (in contrast to silver, which stops working almost completely)
  • No inactivation by sulfur-compounds (in contrast to silver)
  • Aging stability and negligible influence on mechanical properties (elasticity, bending behavior, elongation at break, etc).
  • The effect can already be seen with low concentrations of the additive

Germs where the technology is working: bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Spectrum of activity:

  • Gram-positive micro-organisms irrespective of resistancies against antibiotics, incl. MRSA and VRE
  • Gram-negative micro-organisms irrespective of resistancies against antibiotics, invl. ESBL and legionella (both aerobe and anaerobe organisms)
  • Fungi (Candida spp)
  • Viruses (Influenza, H1N1, H1N5)

Details concerning the AMiSTec acid technology are available upon request for a specific project.