AMiSTec GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Tyrol in 2011. The company develops and licenses technology for germ-free surfaces based on acids. Products of AMiSTec are licenses, additives and tailor-made masterbatches. We emphasise quality and deliveries-to-promise. 

AMiSTec is your reliable partner for germ-free surfaces!


AMiSTec develops technically and commercially excellent solutions against all kinds of germs together with its customers.

Our core competences

Infectology, polymer science, chemical engineering, surface technology, surface science, innovation

Company values

  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Health
  • Sustainability

Our capabilities

  • Microbiological lab
  • Technical center (amongst other equipment: Leistritz ZE 30.34 twin screw extruder and 1 Berstorff ZE25A twin screw extruder)
  • Capable team for fast and high-quality development of material systems for anti-microbial surfaces according to customer needs
  • Well-equipped raw material storage
  • Collaboration with high-quality partners from research and industry